Use The Main Drain To End All Arguments About Putting Down The Toilet Seat


Forgetting to put the toilet seat down has never been a problem in any household I lived in. It’s just a seat, flip it back down if you need to use it that way. Or don’t. Whatever. Which is why I find it odd to hear about it being an issue so many times, whether from the media or from actual people I know. If you’re among those bothered by guys leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom, maybe the Main Drain can offer an amicable solution.

A clip-on urinal, it attaches to the rim of the bowl and gives guys their own place to discharge their excess liquids.   Those fluids are all funneled back to the bowl, too, so everything gets disposed the same way they’ve always been.  Just flush it down to finish.


Unlike conventional urinals, the Main Drain requires no complicated installation. You, literally, just clip it to the bowl’s rim until you hear the spring lock into place, pull down the Purefresh Toilet Seat, and you’re set. A bendable, adjustable handle holds the urinal up, allowing the boys in the house to position it at any comfortable angle or height. All liquids that go to the urinal passes through a tube hidden inside the handle, which funnels them to a narrow opening inside the clip, which then takes care of expelling it straight to the bowl.

To clean, you can simply treat it same as the bowl, pouring water or your favorite cleaning product, then scrubbing it when the thing begins to get a little grimy. And, yes, installing this totally makes it look like your toilet bowl has grown a robot claw.

The Main Drain is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $45.

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