Make Any Room Look Like Your Garage With Surface View’s Haynes Manual Prints


Gearheads who are into interior decorating, rejoice!  Wow, that sounded awful.  Regardless, you can now get huge size prints of Haynes Manual graphics for putting up over your walls from Surface View.

Like the rest of Surface View’s portfolio, the new collection will be available in all of their various formats, which include canvases, dry mounts and adhesive prints.  Been wondering what to decorate the walls of your room or office with?  You can drop the indecision, now.  From this point forward, you can make any area of your house look like your garage.  Yay!


Published since the 1960s, the Haynes Manual (a veritable car mechanic’s bible) includes technical drawings of numerous cars (including many vintage and racing models), various electronics and other vehicles.  The current selection doesn’t appear to be all that huge, but does include a couple of classic cars (VW Camper, Ford Capri), a motorcycle, an airplane and some electronic diagrams.  Your living room will finally look tasteful while remaining masculine – provided you can convince the old lady that it’s high art, of course.


Resisting will not be that easy on her part, either.  This particular set of Haynes Manual prints are so unexpected as wall decor that they’re virtually guaranteed to command the attention of anyone who enters your room.  It’s an instant conversation piece if I ever saw one.

Each graphic can be ordered from Surface View in a wide range of colors.  Prices will vary depending on what kind of print you ask for, along with any customizations you request.

[Surface View via Design Milk]