Make Instant Iced Coffee With Grady’s Cold Brew

Making a delicious warm cup of coffee isn’t hard.  As long as you pick good beans, all you need is a pot to brew in and you’re good to go.  Tasty iced coffee, though, offers a little more challenge.   Dumping ice on a freshly-brewed pot just isn’t going to work.  Fortunately, there’s salvation in Grady’s Cold Brew, an iced coffee concentrate that simplifies the process.

Ready to mix, all you need to do is combine it with cold milk or water to finally enjoy ices coffee without leaving the house.  Heck, without leaving your bed for that matter.  Provided you’ve got a fridge right next to it.  And a glass.  Okay, you might have to get up and walk to the kitchen — still convenient, though.

Grady’s Cold Brew is a bottled coffee concentrate prepared using a cold brewing process (grounds are soaked in room-temperature water for extended periods, instead of cooked).  According to the company’s website, going this route allows them to produce brewed coffee without the bitter taste (which is great when hot, terrible with iced beverages) or the short shelf life (the concentrate can last up two weeks after being opened, provided it’s refrigerated).

Suggested preparation is to mix equal parts of the concentrate with equal parts of milk or water, with one bottle making up to eight servings.  Ingredients used in the concoction consists of freshly-brewed coffee, chicory and spices.

While we can’t vouch for the taste (haven’t tried it yet), Grady’s Cold Brew seems to be a considerably simpler way to fix yourself iced coffee that doesn’t taste like crap.   It’s available now, priced at $15 a bottle.

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