Make Perfect Pizza Slices Every Time With The Best Pizza Cutters

Getting pizza from a local place is great and all. Like all other food, though, you end up paying a lot more than if you just stuck to making your own food right in your own kitchen. That’s why, in the last few years, we’ve increasingly seen more options when it comes to cooking your own pizza at home.

From pizza-making countertop ovens and stovetop pizza makers to compact wood-fired ovens that can crank out pies in two minutes, folks have plenty of options now when it comes to cooking pizzas at home. There’s also plenty of grocery options in frozen pizzas and doughs, allowing you to cook pies at home with very little work, if you’re not quite up with starting from scratch. If you’ve been doing that, you’ve probably noticed that your pizzas never end up perfectly sliced like those ones you get at the local pizzeria. Sure, that cheap pizza cutter you picked up at the local mini-mart cuts your pizza well enough, but it also tends to drag the cheese, mess up the toppings, or even crumple up your dough along the way.

If you want to put an end to that, maybe it’s time to move up to a proper pizza cutter. Yes, they do exist. And these are some of our favorites.

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

When people talk about pizza cutters, this is likely to be the picture that pops in your mind. It’s called “classic” for a reason, as it’s a design that’s been around since forever, with decades’ worth of pizzas sliced to perfection in its wake. With a 3.5-inch wheel blade cut in 430 stainless steel, it runs though most thin and medium crust pizzas with ease, keeping the dough and toppings intact, although it is, admittedly, a bit harder to use with very thick crusts. They even threw in a finger guard right above the wheel, just in case you prefer gripping the cutter close to the head. If that’s not really part of your home pizza rotation, though, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel with Sharp Blade...
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Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel

This pizza cutter takes the traditional wheel design and replaces the handle with a silicone housing on the top half of the wheel. The result is a smaller kitchen tool that allows you to put the full force of your wrist into the cutting motion, making it easier to slice through the dough. On the downside, it’s a little tough to use when slicing pizza with heavy toppings or a thicker-than-usual dough (or, worse, both), as things can get jammed up since half of the four-inch blade is essentially covered. Also, you need to disassemble it for cleaning. Basically, it’s convenient to store and great for cutting most pizzas, but tough on thick crusts and a little inconvenient to clean.

Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade...
  • NO EFFORT PIZZA CUTTER – Stable vertical pressure and large cutting wheel for easy and perfectly...

OXO Good Grips Large Pizza Wheel

This is OXO’s take on the classic pizza wheel, incorporating a similar design down to the blade’s slight downward angle, albeit with a bigger 4-inch wheel blade. Truth be told, it feels like an upgrade to the typical pizza wheel, slicing through pies with a really sturdy and stable feel. In fact, we found it pretty good when it comes to slicing even thicker crusts, requiring less of an effort compared to the standard 3.5-inch pizza wheel. If you like well-built kitchen tools that look like they can hold up for years, this definitely fits the bill and should make a great addition if pizza is a regular part of your kitchen rotation.

OXO Good Grips NEW Large 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and...
  • Large, stainless steel blade cuts through deep dish or thick-crust pizza with ease

Zocy Pizza Cutter Rocker

This 14-inch-long blade is large enough to cut a slice through those 12-inch pizzas you make at home in one move, without the rolling typical pizza cutters require. It has a curved blade that you simply rock from one side to the other to create a fast, clean cut all the way, without messing up the cheese, toppings, and dough. Do that for however many slices you want on the pizza and you’re done. It’s especially useful when you’re dealing with those deep-dish pizzas with their thick doughs (you’ll have to rock it side to side a few times), although it should work its magic pretty well with any pizza you prefer. Plus, it’s a real knife, so you can use it to cut other food items, from leafy veggies and cheeses to breads and more, making it useful beyond your pizza dinners. Not to mention, it looks like a bladed weapon straight out of some post-apocalypse movie.

ZOCY Pizza Cutter Rocker with Wooden Handles &...
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY] - Made of food grade 430 stainless steel blade and PP cover, the Pizza Rocker...

Dreamfarm Scizza

We know many folks who wouldn’t dare come near these pizza scissors. It just looks… weird. Some folks we know, however, swear by the unbridled control the scissor provides compared to a standard pizza wheel. Like regular scissors, it uses two blades (one on top and one on bottom) to cut your pies like you’re cutting a piece of cardboard, with a spatula-like cover at the bottom blade to keep it from nicking up whatever dishware or cookware the pizza is served on. The top blade is curved, by the way, allowing it to cut through toppings without moving them out of place, with six-inch blade edges allowing you to cut straight to the middle of a 12-inch pizza in one move. With that said, it does take more time to cut through a whole pizza compared to everything else on this list, so there’s a definite tradeoff for the better precision cuts a scissors design allows.

Dreamfarm Scizza | Non-Stick Pizza Scissors with...
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American Metalcraft PK20

If you like the design of that 14-inch rocker above, but want something even bigger for the large pizzas you make on the custom brick oven in the backyard, try this 20-inch blade from American Metalcraft. It has a similar design, from the curved wide blade and individual handles on each end to a rocking side-to-side cutting motion, all while exhibiting similar results that allows it to cut through any pizza, no matter how thick the crust. This feels, pretty, substantial in hand, giving you plenty of confidence in slicing any pie that comes you way. Only problem is storage – it’s so long and so unusually shaped that you’ll probably have to leave it in a large drawer where it will take up too much space.

American Metalcraft PKR20 Stainless Steel Rocker...
  • Perfect for easily cutting pizzas or chopping vegetables with little effort

Boska Pizza & Cheese Knife Oslo+

We’ve seen plenty of variations in the rocker-style pizza knife. None of them, however, are quite like this one from Boska, which takes the curved blade and dual-handle design, then turns it into something that looks just downright cool. While it’s often joked that those rocker-style knives can function as weapons, truth is, their dual-handle designs make them awkward weapons. Not this one, as you can hold it as easily with one hand as you can with two.  Heck, you can swing it like a machete and it’s going to feel perfectly natural.

According to the outfit, it has a non-stick blade that will retain that quality throughout its lifetime, so food falls right off as soon as it’s cut through. Because of that non-stick quality, they say it’s just as good for cutting all sorts of cheeses. Stores better than your typical rocker knife, too. This one seems regularly out of stock, but you can register to be notified the next time it’s back in the store.

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