Make Some Noise In The Kitchen With Mix Stix


Want to practice your drum skills while preparing dinner? Mix Stix has you covered with their combination ladle and drumstick, so you can bang on some pots and pans while waiting for the meat to stew. Ahh…the life of a domesticated wannabe rockstar.

The idea is very simple. Instead of being a regular long-handed spoon, the Mix Stix doubles as a functional drumstick, complete with a regulation-size shaft, shoulder and tip at the other end of the scoop. As such, you can stir a wad of pasta sauce one minute and smash beats the next by simply flipping the Mix Stix to grab the other end.

Each set comes with two pieces of the ladle-cum-drumstick creation, one fitted with a solid spoon and the other sporting a slotted hole in the form of a musical note. Both sticks are made from a single panel of Beechwood, with just the right weight to offer terrific handling when hitting the skins (or the cupboard, in this case).

Make sure to keep a dry cloth handy when going from cooking to pounding out with a makeshift rhythm section. The last thing you want is to make an ugly mess, getting your food all over the kitchen. Designed by Ignacio Pilotto and Jason Amendolara for Fred Studio, the Mix Stix will be hitting Urban Outfitters outlets sometime this Fall.

[Fred Studio ]