Make Your Eyes Literally Shine With The LED Eyelashes


All this time, women have been cleansing, toning and using a ridiculous amount of products to make their eyes shine.  What a waste of time.  As it turns out, all you need are fake eyelashes with a series of LED lights to achieve those results.

Designed by artist Soomi Park, the LED Eyelashes were supposedly designed to serve Asian women’s (well, the Japanese and Korean variety, mostly) desire for bigger, rounder eyes.  Nah.  I don’t buy it.  To serve as Lady Gaga’s next costume accessory or to gain attention at a club actually makes more sense.

It doesn’t exactly affix to your eyelashes (thank God, no glue), but is held by a wire that wraps around the side of the eyes.  The wires are hooked up to a pair of headphones that house the electronic components, including a battery and a tilt sensor (you can turn it on and off by tilting your head a certain way).

Even though it’s not readily available as an actual product, the LED Eyelashes will almost undoubtedly be part of someone’s Halloween costume this year.  I mean, illuminated eyes – how can you resist?  It doesn’t look all that complicated to slap on your face, too.  Sure beats having to sprinkle piles and piles of glitter.

[Fashioning Tech via Makezine]