Make Your Own Superhero Kit

You always wanted action figures of your favorite characters from The Wire.  But, alas, crime dramas (Walter White, notwithstanding) aren’t really prime candidates for getting the superhero merchandising treatment.  If you have some art skills, though, maybe you can create your own bespoke characters using the Make Your Own Superhero Kit.

While designed for letting you conjure your own superhero action figures, the set looks perfectly capable of letting you fashion figures of any character you want.  Omar Little?  Bottom-End Bubbles?  Chris and Snoop?  Brother Muson?  If you can paint it, there’s a good chance you can make it.

The Make Your Own Superhero Kit comes with three articulated base bodies measuring four inches tall, along with five heads, two pairs of spare hands, and two capes.   You also get a pair of brushes, six jars of paint (red, blue, yellow, green, back and white), and one sheet of decals (for superhero logos and all that).   Granted, that sounds a tad limited for more elaborate constructions (you’ll need to get funky hair for Bubbles, a plumper body for Prop Joe and lots of loose pants for the hoppers, for instance), but it’s a nice start.

In case you mess things up with a figure, you can probably just turn it into one of the bodies on the vacants.  Or one of the unbathed dope fiends in your recreation of Hamsterdam.  Or, if you remove the head and hands, an unfortunate victim of The Greek’s wrath.  Just make them really dirty and disgusting.

Thinkgeek has the Make Your Own Superhero Kit available now, priced at $39.99.

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