Built-In Printer Allows Makerframe To Produce Its Own Prints


Sure, you can put up a digital picture frame to get yourself a customizable wall display that you can change up at will. If you’re tired of having LCD screens everywhere you go, though, you’d probably do better hanging up an old-fashioned picture frame with an actual print inside. Or, you can go with Makerframe, a picture frame that shows off digital prints like old-fashioned frames, but comes with a built-in thermal printer, so you can change it to a new picture in the most convenient way possible.

Made by Wundershine, it looks like any ordinary picture frame at first glance. There’s a molding, a glass cover, a mat board, a backing board, and all those things that go into an erstwhile normal frame. Except, of course, it isn’t.


Designed for convenient use, the Makerframe doesn’t need to be removed from its mounting spot when you want to change prints. Instead, it comes with a built-in roller system that will automatically eject the existing print through a slot at the bottom, with a slot on top for inserting a blank 9-inch x 9-inch sheet of thermal paper. To print, simply choose whatever image you want from the accompanying app, beam it to the frame, and just wait, with the paper automatically sliding onto the central display area as soon as printing is done. Alternatively, you can also insert old prints back – just eject the existing print and use the same slot from the top to insert the new photo to display.


Slated for release early next year, the Makerframe will retail for $179.95.

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