Maluna Unhinged Coolers Boast 20 Percent Longer Ice Retention


Ever tried to open a packed cooler and found it tougher-than-usual to pry the lid open? Yeah, that happens, especially when it’s packed and really cold. That’s why the Maluna Unhinged Cooler has an integrated pressure regulator that uses a ball and spring mechanism to make lifting the lid a much easier affair.

Aside from the clever pressure regulator, it also comes with a unique cam-actuated hinge that enables full perimeter tensioning, ensuring a much tighter lock on the lid whenever the cooler is closed. It also boasts some serious ice retention, with a fully-insulated build that, according to the outfit, outperforms Yeti’s popular Tundra coolers 20 percent longer.


The Maluna Unhinged has a somewhat odd design that has rigid, form-fitted handles sticking out of the sides. We guess that should make it easier to carry in hand, although it does make it a little less efficient with its use of space, which could be a problem for folks trying to cram a cooler in a kayak or canoe. On the plus side, the handles make for excellent tie down spots for securing it on your pickup’s bed or your boat’s deck.


Features include reversible two-sided feet (one side is hard plastic, the other is rubber), a removable dry goods basket, three sizes (40, 50, and 70 quarts), and optional accessories that you can swap in for the feet (e.g. casters). It even comes with a thermometer on the drain plug (which also fits Yeti and RTIC coolers), so you can check the cooler’s exact temperature at any time.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Maluna Unhinged.  You can reserve one for pledges starting at $189.

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