Store Leftover Pizza Slices In These Pizza-Shaped Bags To Make Everything Right In The World


Ever ordered a whole pizza thinking you’ll eat the heck out of it only to realize you don’t have enough room in your stomach to eat more than a slice and a half of that monstrous and greasy pie. Yeah, living alone sucks when you’re the sort of person who enjoys partaking in delicious pizza.

While you can always throw the whole thing in the fridge and cook it back up tomorrow, the exposure to air will always leave your leftover pizza annoyingly stale. Seriously, no matter how you try to recook it, you’ll almost always end up with a droopy crust and dried-out toppings. Might as well eat the cardboard box – they’ll bring the same level of joy your way.

The good news? You can always stash the leftovers in a Ziploc bag and torch them in your Reheatza any time you get another hankering for a big load of grease and cheese.  And while most any type of resealable bag can get the job done, wouldn’t these Mama Fresco’s Pizza Saver Bags work a whole lot better?


A resealable bag clad in a triangular pizza shape, it lets you store each slice in its own appropriately-shaped container. Yes, we know, regular rectangular bags will work just fine, but we have a feeling the world be a better place if everybody put their triangle-shaped food in matching triangle-shaped storage bags. No, really.

Mama Fresco’s Pizza Saver Bags measure 10 x 11 inches each (width x length), so this can accommodate those large New York-style pizzas that people always think they can gobble up with ease (no, they can’t). Granted, using it to store smaller pizza slices will look utterly odd, although you can always store multiple slices in a single bag to suitably fill it up.

It uses a standard zip-style closure similar to other resealable bags in the market, so it should keep air out the entire time your slice is stored inside. And, yes, the plastic should hold up to both the fridge and the freezer, so you can stash your leftover pizzas for much longer periods. Because of the shape, the bag should make an excellent bag for cake slices, dessert pieces, and whatever other triangular-shaped food items you regularly partake in.


While the Amazon product page says Mama Fresco’s Pizza Saver Bags are reusable, truth is, the bags are thin and aren’t likely to survive multiple uses. Still, you can probably use it a couple of times before the thin plastic succumbs, so can get some decent function out of these things all the same. Just make sure to hand wash it and dry before reusing. Do note, the bags are strictly for storage, so don’t bring this anywhere near the microwave or the oven unless you’re looking for a kitchen disaster.

Available in packs of 12, Mama Fresco’s Pizza Saver Bags are priced at around $5. We know, that sounds steep for resealable bags, but if you’ve ever wanted pizza-shaped containers for your favorite food, this is one of the few ways we’ve seen to get them.

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