Is This The Manliest Cloth Hanger Ever?

Maybe your flimsy plastic hangers can handle your current wardrobe.  But what about in the future when they start building outfits with integrated robot parts and gadgets and all that?  Surely, those puny hangers you have hanging in the closet just won’t cut it (chances are, they’ll give out even with just a Travel Jacket with all pockets filled).  If you want to future-proof your closet for our eventual high-tech wearables, you’ll want to invest in these Man Hangers.

Made by Bode Goods, it’s a hanger made from a single piece of industrial-strength rebar.  No fancy features, no funky shapes and no weird decorations– instead, it’s just a conventional three-cornered hanger constructed with a material that’s otherwise used to reinforce concrete structures.

Whether you’re hanging up a space suit, metal coif pants or any other heavy item of clothing, the Man Hanger should accomplish the job.  The metal bar is sealed and coated, as well, to resist rust and corrosion, ensuring you can use it well into our future filled with mechasuit overalls and weaponized jackets.  The product page claims the rebar is bent by hand — we’re assuming by well-fed workers endowed with crazy levels of buffalo strength.

Of course, you can always buy a couple strips of rebar, take them to your workshop and bend them into hangers yourself.  We’re not sure how you can pull it off as perfectly shaped as these things (unless you’ve got some of that buffalo strength yourself), but it should be fun to try.

The Man Hanger is available from Bode Goods, priced at $25.

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