Man Table Hides A Mini Fridge Behind The Drawers

What would a side table designed by men for use by men look like?  I would have guessed something that integrates an actual table, four breasts and a six-pack of beer.  These Man Tables got me right on two out of three.

Closed shut and tidied up, the furniture looks just like any finely-finished side table.  It’s elegant enough to fit with most any contemporary living room and functional enough to hold a bunch of tabletop pieces.

Not manly enough for you?  Of course, it isn’t.  That happens when you try to open the Man Table’s drawers, which actually opens a drawbridge-like door, exposing a mini-fridge right where a compartment should be.  That’s right, a mini-fridge that you can fill with all the beer you need to keep from having to walk down the kitchen every time you need a new bottle while watching the game.

The entire table is made from real wood, so no part of the cooling hardware will be discernible until you actually try to retrieve a drink.  Each one is Amish-made and comes in one of three finishes: tobacco, espresso and black.

The Man Table is available directly from the product website, priced between $329 and $359, depending on the finish you choose.

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