ManCation Nation Offers Testosterone-Friendly Holidays

Sipping cocktails by the poolside and lounging in the sand are fun vacations. But they’re far from the kind of vacations any guy I know would deem perfect. ManCation Nation fills the need, offering adventure getaways that deliver as much relaxation as testosterone release.

Nestled in Parker, Arizona along the Colorado River, your vacation begins with accommodations in the Man Cave, a home that sits right on the water. That’s where you and your friends stay, enjoying the pimped-out living experience provided by the recliner-filled home theater, two sports-only plasma TVs, a game table, wireless internet and three covered decks with a front row view of the river activities below. Wine and dine like a pig ready for slaughter on the enormous dining table, indoor and outdoor bars, and a 24-hour personal chef supplying you endless grub.

ManCation Nation offers more than just a fancy bachelor pad, of course. You get adrenaline-pumping activities at every turn. Offerings include extreme water sports (water skiing, wakeboarding, tubing, sky skiing and more), tactical weapons experience (from hand guns to sniper rifles), golf (at the Emerald Canyon Golf Course), fishing, road trips and sightseeing tours.

Available for groups of ten, prices for ManCation Nation vacations start at $600 daily per head with a minimum stay of four days. Make sure to pack in a bunch of cash along because a lot of the activities call for extra fees. Besides, doing extreme sports, shooting guns and eating like a man all day can bring out the big spender in you when the sun goes down.

[ManCation Nation via Thrillist]