Mandles: Because Relaxing Candles Can Soothe Tired Men Too


Men don’t use candles unless there’s a power outage.  Never mind the fact that it can change a room’s ambience with little effort – we don’t need it.  If we want to influence a room’s atmosphere, we’ll either spray an air freshener or we’ll just fart, thank you very much.

Gross bodily functions aside, don’t think it’s beyond your manly sensibilities to appreciate a good scented candle. Especially when the olfactory pleasures are made especially for men’s tastes and the candles are hoisted inside recycled beer bottles like the Mandle.  Yep, it’s the kind of candle even the least-cultured caveman can appreciate.  Okay, maybe just slightly more cultured than the lowest common denominator.


Created by Koi Kouture. the “man-candles” use 22-oz beer bottles from Rogue Brewery as candle holders, filling the room with an aroma that they claim will appeal to the less-prettier sex.   With fragrances such as Hippie Girlfriend From College (which recreates the smell of “incense from her dorm room”), Stripper Breath (a blend of watermelon Jolly Ranchers and second-hand smoke) and Hungry Man TV Dinner (roast beef with creamed corn), the claim sounds about right.

The bottles are sliced to about the height of a standard glass, with the rim sanded to a smooth finish.  They seem to have access to a wide roster of Rogue Brewery’s bottles, from Smoked Ale to Brutal Bitter to Dead Guy Ale, and more.  To make you feel better about buying candles, the creator wants you to know these things were “hand-crafted in a studio full of power tools and beer while Whitesnake plays in the background.”  Manly.

Mandles cost anywhere from $25 to $28 from Koi Kouture’s Etsy store.  After burning the wax out, the holders should handily enjoy life as your favorite glass for downing cold beer too.  Not a bad deal ‘eh?