Manik Wood Sunglasses Look Amazing, Won’t Suffer From Termites


Wood sunglasses sound like a bad idea.  It will rot in the rain, grow molds and even succumb to termite infestation.  Heck, they might even attract woodpeckers (not that it’s a bad thing, entirely).  You gotta admit, however, they look mighty spanking.

That’s why these Wood Sunglasses aren’t really cut from timber.  Instead, it’s some type of hard plastic covered with a wooden finish.  As such, you get the unique look of a genuine rainforest byproduct, all while enjoying the conveniences of the versatile synthetic material.


Created by Seattle-based skateboarding company Manik, the specs are available with both clear and dark lenses.   I’ve seen some folks try a wooden finish on sunglasses before, but they rarely ended up looking this good.  It only comes in one style (as in the photos), but can you imagine this thing in dark mahogany?

Personally, I was a little disappointed when I learned it was plastic.  Wood really seems to make no sense as a mass-produced eyewear (since you can’t mold it like plastic), but there’s something about the idea that’s always piqued my interest.

If you’ve been craving for a little more attention, I’m sure putting a pair of these on will easily fill that need.  Even better, it doesn’t seem severely out of place for any purpose, whether you need a pair of prescription glasses for driving, want a cool pair of shades for the beach or are putting together an outfit for the clubs.  Manik Wood Sunglasses are available from Stless for around $56 (their prices are in Yen).

[Stless via High Snobiety]