Manpacks Will Ship You A Fresh Batch Of Underwear Regularly, So You Can Skip On Those Dumb Shopping Trips


Need a new batch of briefs every three months, but can’t seem to remember to get them?  Since robots can’t shop for you yet, a company ran by humans might prove the best thing you currently have available.  Manpacks, a scheduled delivery service for socks, briefs, boxers and undershirts, should have you covered.

Why would you need a company to regularly send over personal garments?  Because you’re a dude.  And dudes would rather do anything to get out of a shopping trip.  Who wants to do all that tedious stuff like leaving the house, driving to a Wal-Mart and visiting the men’s accessories section, when you can spend all that precious hours playing Modern Warfare 2 online?

Manpacks is a subscription service that sends over batches of Hanes-branded (hopefully they will add more brands soon) essential men’s garments – you know, the kind that get funky, sweaty and smelly throughout the course of the day.  That way, you don’t have to be stuck wearing socks with holes and briefs with permanent skid marks for the next two years.  You’ve got new ones regularly on the way – with your choice of styles, colors and sizes too.

There are currently four different bundles – Just Socks (three pairs of socks), Either-Or (two pieces of either underwears or shirts), Man Pack (with two underwears, two socks and two shirts) and Macho Pack (with three under wears, three socks and three shirts).  Default iteration is every three months, although you can request a different frequency.  If you don’t mind spending extra, you can ask for multiple batches at a time so that you never have to wash any underwear again.

Prices start at $7.

[Manpacks via Red Ferret]