Dog Mansions: Because Some Dogs Have All The Luck

Living in a three-bedroom apartment doesn’t mean you can’t fool your dog into thinking he lucked out and got adopted into a wealthy home. Make the mutt feel like a million bucks by setting him up with a Dog Mansion from Best Friend’s Home, who build handmade dog houses styled like rich people’s abode.

Sure, your dog can always live in a ragtag box your 12-year old put together for shop class last year like he’s ghetto or something. But when he grows up and joins a gang like his father, you can only blame yourself. These Dog Mansions will not only give him roof and shelter, it will fill him with the confidence he needs to become a model member of society. Who just happens to sleep all day and munch on furniture like his life depended on it.

Best Friend’s Home offers four basic models – the classical Alabama, the Bauhaus-based Cubix, the castle-like Fairytale and the Swedish-style Lonnerberga. Each one comes with premium wood, break-proof glass windows, all-around weather-proofing and numerous utilitarian details, such as water drains and cleaning lids. Every house is handcrafted upon order and takes about five weeks to build (plus another week to ship).

Early 20th century mansions, traditional Swedish architecture and German Modernism not your thing? Those who think their dog deserves even better than the available models can request a custom design from scratch. Yes, you can house your spoiled pet inside a custom Legion of Doom and call him Lex Luthor if you want to. Even if your dog’s a girl. It’s not like they understand the difference.

Prices for the standard Dog Mansions range from €1,900 to €2,950 (around $2,325 to $3,600), depending on size and other requests.

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