Manta Resort’s Underwater Room Definitely Makes For A Great Vacation Idea

Ever slept in a room filled with aquariums from wall to wall?  I haven’t, but I imagine it feels incredibly magical.  Or slimy, depending on how you feel about fish.  We guess that’s kind of how it’s going to be when you sleep in the Underwater Room of the Manta Resort. Even though this reminds us of Jules Underwater Lodge and underwater suite in Maldives, this is still a pretty unique vacation idea.

No, this isn’t a boat with a bottom observation deck turned into makeshift lodging to part vacationers with even more of their money.  Instead, it’s a real floating structure with one level submerged under the Indian Ocean, allowing you to enjoy underwater sights anytime you feel like it.

Located off Pemba Island in Zanzibar, Africa, the Manta Resort’s Underwater Room consists of three levels: a sun deck for working on your Jersey Shore tan, a surface water level with a lounge, bathroom and dining area, and a fully submerged bedroom.  The “human aquarium” (seriously, fish can watch you sleep, drool, and make sexy, just as much as you can see them) sits 13 feet under the surface, with see-through windows on all sides and outside lights to help illuminate the water at night.

The actual resort is located a few hundred feet away on the shore, so you can get plenty of privacy while staying on the “floating island,” all while having easy access to the resort’s wide stretch of white beach and creature comforts. According to the East African resort’s website, it’s a great spot for scuba diving, water sports, guided forest tours, and romantic sunset cruises.

The Manta Resort’s Underwater Room is available for $1500 per day (two persons).

All images courtesy of Jesper Anhede

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