Mantis Lamp Is A Versatile Clip-On Lighting Accessory

In the world of table lamps, I don’t think I’ve really seen anything more versatile than this Mantis Lamp, a clip-on desk lighting accessory that you can set up in a variety of ways.   Plus, it looks like a space ship beaming down upon your table, which is a beautiful touch.

Invented by Clinton Fleenor, the product comes in two separate parts: a clip that measures 2.6 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches and a lighting unit with 9.1 x 1.0 x 1.0 inch dimensions.    The size makes it very portable, allowing you to bring it along wherever you might be needing some focused lighting — in your home study, the workplace, the garage, the workshop and a slew of other places.

The Mantis Lamp’s lighting unit can  be used on its own (either sat down flat or standing with its two flip-out legs) or slid over the non-slip clip, which allows you to attach it to a whole host of fixtures for various lighting angles.   Even better, you can twist the lamp while on the clip, making it easier to tilt and slant as needed.

Eleven tiny LEDs are installed in a straight line with settings for low or high brightness, powered by a pair of AA batteries for up to 30 hours of illumination.  And just in case you forget to turn off the light after using, it automatically powers off after every two hours to make sure you aren’t draining the battery unnecessarily.

From the pictures, the Mantis Lamp looks extremely versatile and functional.  Unfortunately, it isn’t available yet.  However, you can commit to one on Quirky for $26.99 and be among the first to receive a unit when production pushes through.

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