Mark Makers Table Comes With 50 Coats Of Paint So You Can Redesign It

Decorating a plain table usually involves adding layers of paint on top.  The Mark Makers Table, however, does it the other way around, hiding numerous layers of differently-colored paint under the single coat exterior.

Built by Ed Swan, the table starts out life in a plain shade of gray.  Over use, the top color begins to chip, revealing the swath of colors lying underneath, creating a multi-colored abstract design on your tabletop.

The Mark Makers Table has 50 different layers of paint lying under the erstwhile boring finish, making for plenty of possible color combinations once you begin digging through the paint.  They used ash wood and MDF to build the table, with different types of paint for coating.

Currently displayed at the Okay Studio in London, visitors are given sandpaper to leave some of their designs on it.  As you can see from the pictures, the results look pretty awesome, albeit a bit chaotic.

Exhibition of the Mark Makers table will run until September 26.  After that, whatever the finished result looks like will be cleaned up and applied with a clear lacquer to seal it.  No word on what they’re going to do with the end product, but we’re guessing this can fetch a pretty penny in auction.

[Ed Swan via Core77]