Marshall Fridge: Music Amp On The Outside, Cold Beer Inside

Playing music is tiring.  That’s why musicians drink a lot.  Well, that and they usually have hidden insecurities that alcohol seems to melt away.  That’s why every band’s practice space needs a fridge filled with cold drinks.  And we can’t imagine a more fitting one than the Marshall Fridge.

No, this isn’t just old amps shopped out of flea markets, fixed up and converted into a fridge cabinet.  Instead, it appears to be mash-ups built from the ground up with the music amplifier officially on board, so every single part is authentic.  Heck, it’s even got Jim Marshall signatures on each one, just like all of the company’s newer releases.

Similar to the Man Table, which encased a mini-fridge inside a side table, the Marshall Fridge hides the cooling appliance underneath what looks like a legit amp.  In fact, you’d probably try to plug your instruments in there and curse at the fact that no sound’s coming out when you see it sitting in the middle of a stage.  The facing, the logos and control knobs are all legit Marshall hardware.

Lift the facing to the side, however, and you’ll find the fridge, which features 4.4 cubic feet of storage, three racks on the main area (including  a top rack sized to hold cans), and even a small freezer.  The product page claims the freezer is high-efficiency, with compliance for Energy Star, RoHS and UL standards.

The Marshall Fridge won’t be shipping until October 1st, but they’re going to open the door for preorders soon.  Price is $299.

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