Marugoto Tamachan, The Portable Watermelon Cooler

During the post-apocalyptic era, fresh treats like a juicy watermelon will be in short supply.  That’s why you’ll treasure one like it was humanity’s last hope.  In those days, the Marugoto Tamachan, a trolley-like machine that cools and warms that roundish fruit with the hard green rind, could become your traveling gadget of choice.

Created by Joybond, the pull-along device is designed to help you enjoy a watermelon’s watery-red pulp at just the exact temperature that you crave even you’re on the go.  Yes, even if you’re a weirdo who likes your watermelons warm.

The Marugoto Tamachan  is a portable watermelon cooler and warmer, measuring 19.8 x 13.9 x 15.4 inches and weighing 13.9 lbs.  Clad as a hand-trolley,  it features a pull-out handle and three casters for easy hauling into your next picnic.  The refrigerated 14-liter shelf bears a spherical shape, sized to fit one large watermelon or other similarly-sized round objects, like giant tomatoes, dinosaur eggs and elephant brains.

Since it’s really just a cooler and warmer for outdoor day trips (such as picnics or excursions), you can use it to hold other items too, including a small barrel of beer, a stack of soda cans or your Chihuahua (it’s like portable climate control).  Just kidding about the last one, by the way.  The Chihuahua might not be able to breathe inside (yes, according to Wikipedia, watermelons don’t breathe – shocking).

Let’s face it.  The Marugoto Tamachan is ridiculous. Who the hell wants to lug around a large contraption just to eat their watermelon cool?  Hmmm..unless, of course, they have magical watermelons in Japan, where this is sold for ¥19,950 ($280).

[Joybond via Crunchgear]