Fanboy Furniture: Marvel Comic Book Covers Room Divider

You’re a comic book fiend and you’ve learned to embrace it.  So much so, in fact, that a giant comic art collage now adorns the wall in your living room, hanging proudly.  If you suddenly realize the need for a divider anywhere in the house, we know exactly which one you’ll want to get: the Marvel Comic Book Covers Room Divider.

Styled like a regular room divider, the furniture features six different panels that you can expand and collapse to obscure a wider patch of the other side of the room.  Except, instead of sporting a wood grain or canvas surface, it comes with prints of various covers of Marvel Comic books on both sides to further feed your comic book addiction.

The Marvel Comic Book Covers Room Divider stands 7 feet tall and close to 8 feet wide, making it plenty functional for most needs.  Unless, of course, those needs involve keeping your home looking mature, classy and free of childish pop culture imagery.  Otherwise, it should be awesome, with a selection of overlapping covers digitally printed on the panels that include issues of The Incredible Hulk, Amazing Spider-Man, Classic X-Men and other Marvel staples.

It’s constructed from mitered wood and weighs 20 pounds, ensuring a steady build and stable footing when laid out across your floor.  The panel attachments are double-hinged so they can be bent towards either direction.

Apparently, it’s officially-licensed, too, so this won’t be some shoddy home furnishing, either.  The Marvel Comic Book Covers Room Divider is available now, priced at $389.

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