Hasbro’s New Hulk Mask Comes With Moving Jaw And Eyebrows


An oversized Incredible Hulk mask is awesome and all, but the darn thing has been done many times over. If you’re going to make a mask of the Green Giant that everyone will want to get, it better do something else. That’s exactly what Hasbro did with the Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask.

Like other masks depicting Bruce Banner’s brutish alter-ego, it shows the gamma-irradiated monster in one of his many angry expressions. Unlike them, the darn thing comes with moving parts, allowing it to be just a little more animated than your standard cosplay mask.


The Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask has a jaw that can move up and down, allowing you to move its mouth when talking, as well as eyebrows that can rise to make Hulk’s expression look even angrier. You control the moving parts using your chin, as in you open your mouth to have the jaw drop down and close your mouth to bring it back into position. The eyebrows are connected to the same movement mechanisms, so they raise the same time the jaw drops in synchronized fashion.


An adjustable strap at the back of the mask allows you to put it on your face securely, all while enabling it to fit different face sizes. Do note, this thing is designed to be worn by kids, so it’s oversized for their heads, which means it just might accommodate an adult-sized noggin, albeit in a slightly uncomfortable manner. For the opportunity to prance around like the Hulk with an animated jaw and eyebrows? Sounds worth it to me.


The Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask is available now.

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