Massage Me Controller Lets You Get A Massage While Someone Else Plays


Think gaming isn’t productive?  You’re right, it’s an absolutely stupid way to spend your life on Earth (Shhhh…I am just saying that cause my wife reads this blog too).  The Massage Me Controller should ease the utter futility, though, allowing you to give me a massage while you feed your digital addiction.  Huh?

That’s right, it’s a custom-built, wearable controller that ably doubles as a massage suit.  Wife wears it, you play your Modern Warfare 2.  You enjoy a great game, she gets a  massage of sorts.  Everybody wins.  Now, she might finally get off your case about wasting your life on those damn video games day and night.


How good of a massage will you get with the Massage Me?  Considering it’s going to be the electronic sort, it’s probably bad.  Still, a bad massage trumps no massage any day of the week.  It will do.

The system uses a vest with a set of soft, flexible, fabric-covered buttons installed around the back.  When the player hits one, it translates the commands to a hacked Playstation (as in the PSOne) controller embedded into the suit, which interfaces with the game.  That press, by the way, will also trigger the massaging mechanism.  We’re not sure how it works, but I assume it will be like working with one of those electronic massage pads.  Except this time, the button-masher behind you is controlling everything that happens.


I have a feeling the Massage Me would make for some very bad massages and equally disappointing games (seriously, it’s all buttons and no sticks).  Novel idea, though.  Plus, it brings one more person into the game, making playing just a tad more social.

[Massage Me via Ecouterre]