Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro Comes with EEG Sensors That Can Measure Your Focus Levels at All Times

Since their original launch in 2014, Master & Dynamic have made some of the most premium headphones in the category, each one bringing an impressive combo of luxury materials and high-quality sound. While their newer headphones have featured modern tech like adaptive ANC and beamforming mics, the aesthetics and sound quality have remained their biggest selling points. With the Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro, the outfit is looking to turn their headphones into a wearable brain interface.

That’s right, Master & Dynamic’s newest headphones are equipped with technology from neurotech outfit Neurable, allowing it to serve as a brain-computer interface (BCI) while it wears over your head. According to the outfit, this allows the headphones to scan and measure the user’s brainwaves, allowing it to identify their level of focus, recognize signs of stress, and even recommend actions to take them to a more productive headspace, all without having to wear weird devices on your head like other BCI products would require.

The Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro is equipped with neural sensors that can read and measure brainwaves. There’s no explicit mention of where the sensors are located, but we imagine the headband will be the most logical place to have them, with the product page listing 12 EEG channels installed on the device. When paired with the companion app, you will be able to monitor your brainwave readings, with the system providing any relevant interpretation.

As such, it can monitor your levels of focus throughout the day, allowing you to glean better insight as to how you can optimize the way you work for better overall performance. This allows you to monitor how different times of the day, different activities, different tasks, and various other things affect your focus levels, allowing you to avoid those things that can hamper it and do more of the things that allow you to see improvements. It records these focus readings, too, so you can compare your performance through various days and see a bigger picture of what works best for you. For now, focus and stress seem to be the primary things that the device will monitor, although we can imagine them expanding this to so much more, depending on how people take to them.

Based on the name, the Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro will probably a neurotech-equipped version of the original MW75. As such, we expect the same features as the popular ANC wireless headphones.  That means, it should have the same 40mm beryllium drivers that deliver an expansive soundstage, along with adaptive ANC, four beamforming mics, up to 32 hours of play time between charges, and multipoint Bluetooth connectivity. Naturally, it will probably bear the same premium aesthetics, from the lambskin leather headband and ear pads to the aluminum with tempered glass ear cups and anodized aluminum controls. Suffice to say, this should look much nicer than your typical headphones.

The Master & Dynamic MW75-Neuro is now available for preorder directly from Neurable, with a Spring 2024 ship date. Price is $649, which is just $50 more than the standard MW75. Currently, preorders are only open for the US and Canada.

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