Never Forget A Combination Again With Master Lock’s Bluetooth Padlock


We don’t know if a padlock that can unlock using a phone app is more secure than one that requires a combination (I mean, someone can steal your phone and that’s it), but it’s definitely more convenient to just launch an app, press a button, and have the lock disengage. If you’ve found yourself forgetting a code more times than you’d like, then we guess it makes perfect sense to give the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock a try.

Like any padlock, you can use it to secure lockers, gates, and whatever else requires locking down whether inside or outside the house. Unlike them, you can open it using nothing but your phone, saving you from the hassles of lost keys and forgotten codes. And just in case you forget the phone, it even comes with a directional keypad out front that you can program with a combination for backup.


The Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock comes in two model: a smaller indoor version (51mm wide with a 7mm shackle) and a larger outdoor version (56mm wide with a 9mm shackle). The outdoor version, of course, is equipped to endure the elements, so it comes with a molded body cover, elastomer shackle seals, and added internal protection for the electronics. Both come with a shackle cut in boron carbide for maximum resistance to cutting and sawing, with metal bodies for durable performance.

Features include anti-shimming technology on the locking mechanism for maximum security, tamper alerts, and the ability to give other users access via the app. In case the battery dies while it’s locked, by the way, you can use a coin battery and a 9-volt battery to keep the indoor and outdoor padlocks powered, respectively.

Available now, pricing for the Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock starts at $60.79.

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