Turn Puny Lakes Into Fertile Surfing Grounds With The Mastercraft X20 Wakesurfing Boat

I’ve heard of wakesurfing before but never tried it. It’s a wakeboarding and surfing mash-up where a rider holds on to a rope towed by a boat (like in wakeboarding), then lets it go as soon as he catches a big-enough wave created by the boat’s wake to surf it.   The Mastercraft X20 is a new watercraft that’s been optimized to create the biggest surf waves possible.

“Designed from the fins up to rip the perfect surf wave,” it comes with 2,000 pounds of ballast paired with a deep and beefy hull to help produce a considerably bigger wake than similarly-sized boats.  Even better, you can easily drain the ballast if you want smaller waves or fill it back up at the push of a button, allowing you to tailor the boat’s output on the rider’s skill level.

The Mastercraft X20 measures 20 feet long, with seating for up to a dozen people on deck.  Powered by a 5.7-liter Ilmor Marine engine, it boasts top speeds of 22 mph and handling that’s “as tight as your cutbacks.”  Features include a vector drive hull, wraparound lounge seats, 10 cubic feet of carpeted coffin storage below the deck, underseat compartments all throughout the boat, convertible transom seats, JL Audio sound system, a hidden 36-quart Igloo cooler, and a weight capacity of 1,595 pounds.

We can’t find info on pricing, but if you’ve got the cash, it looks worth it — we never thought surfing on a lake can ever be this good.

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