Mastercraft XT20 Powerboat Brings Multi-Sport Versatility In A Garage-Friendly Size


Owning a powerboat? Always fun. Finding the room to store that powerboat at home? Always not fun. The Mastercraft XT20 is designed to ease that common dilemma with a 20-foot length that should allow it to fit in most home’s garages.

The newest crossover boat in the outfit’s line, it brings a compact size that should make it easier to both stow away at home and tow behind your truck while making your way down to the water. Despite the size, it brings all the signature elements of the XT series, delivering aggressive performance and multi-sport versatility, making it suitable for use in wakeboarding, wakesurfing, waterskiing, and a whole load of other watersports.


The Mastercraft XT20 comes fitted with the outfit’s surf system and up to 1,700 pounds of ballast, allowing it to create any kind of action in the calmest water, from clean wakes to larger wakeboarding curls to chest-high waves for full-out surfing in the lake. It comes with three marine-reinforced GM engine options, a 5.7L multi-port injection V8, a 5.3-liter GDI V8, and a 6-liter GDI V8, ensuring there’s enough power to make joyrides a whole lot of fun. On the deck, it can accommodate up to 11 passengers, along with 70 cubic feet of easy-access storage.


Features include a flanking rudder system that enables maneuvering in tight spots, an ergonomic central dashboard where you can control everything, and Mastercraft’s “Cool Feel” vinyl that stays cool to touch no matter how long it’s exposed to sunlight. And, yes, it can be fitted with the outfit’s customizable storage towers for holding all your watersports gear.

Pricing for the Mastercraft XT20 starts at $83,330.

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