MasterPan Stock N’ Pasta Pot Lets You Drain Pasta Right On The Cookware


It looks like any regular pot – the kind you can use to boil pasta, make stew, and cook a load of other dishes. If you frequently use a pot to boil items that you need to strain after they’re good and tender, though, then the MasterPan Stock N’ Pasta Pot should make for a far better alternative.

Designed to allow straining right off the pot, the cookware eliminates the need to use colanders and other straining tools to separate your food from your liquids. That means, fewer things to throw into the dishwasher, helping further streamline a small part of your regular cooking chores.


The MasterPan Stock N’ Pasta Pot enables the straining action by coming with two spouts on opposite sides, along with holes on the lid that allow water to flow through (small holes on one side and big holes on its opposite). To pour water out, simply pick up the pot by the handles, bring it to the sink, and tilt the pot forward. Red dots on the lid mark the sections where the perforations are located (big dots for the big holes and small dots for the small holes), giving you a way to easily line the holes up with the spouts when it’s time to drain the cookware’s contents. When cooking, by the way, you should position the lid such that the holes don’t line up with the spouts, so that only a minimum of steam can get out just like any traditional pot.

To make sure the lid doesn’t slip or fall off while you’re pouring, it comes with handles that you can slide in to hold the lid in place (just slide till you hear a click), ensuring it keeps its place in the pot, whether you’re boiling, cooking, or straining. The handles looks chunkier than on your typical pot, too, so there’s a good load of material to grab onto, making it easier to keep a tight hold on the cookware while you’re pouring. Do note, reviews seem to indicate that the handles can get pretty hot after a long session, so you might want to make sure to wear mitts before you start pouring.


The MasterPan Stock N’ Pasta Pot is a five-quart cooking container that’s cut in high-quality aluminum that, the outfit claims, will enable even heat flow all throughout the pot, although the base is cut in a stainless steel material, so it can work on every kind of stovetop, including induction rigs. The lid is made using tempered glass, so it’s durable and tough while allowing you to see everything inside, giving you a way to check on your food the whole time it’s cooking.


Inside, the pot is finished with two layers of PFOA-free non-stick coating, ensuring that cleaning it (even by hand) is going to be dead easy, all while being safe for use inside the oven at temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It measures nine inches in diameter, making it a good fit with any kind of hob.

The MasterPan Stock N’ Pasta Pot is available now.

MasterPan 5 QT. Non-Stick Stock N’ Pasta Pot w/...
  • Easy Straining: Easy Click and Lock handles with a drip free pouring spout makes straining a breeze!