Matador Blackout Combines Sleep Mask and Earplugs in a Pocket-Sized Package

Sometimes, we’d go on a flight, put on our sleep mask, and doze right off, only to be awakened by a loud passenger, a crying child, or some other kind of noise. Which is why you want to pair that sleep mask with sound-blocking earplugs (or a fancier white noise-playing sleep gadget) to stop anything that can disturb your sleep dead in their tracks. It’s also why, we’re guessing, they decided to pair both in a single bundle with the Matador Blackout Sleep Mask + Earplugs.

That’s right, this travel accessory combines a sleep mask and earplugs in one package, allowing you to keep your in-flight sleep accessories all in one place. In fact, they pack down into a tiny bundle, much like many of Matador’s products, allowing you to stash your light-blocking and sound-blocking utilities inside your pants pocket. Very convenient.

The Matador Blackout Sleep Mask + Earplugs combines two travel accessories that are essential to getting good sleep during flights and other long rides, making it easy to have access to both at all times. The sleep mask has a wide design that covers a patch of area over and under the eyes, ensuring no light can get through any time you have it on. It has a hook and loop closure, so you simply wrap it around your head, right over the eyes, and secure the ends. According to the outfit, the mask has a cooling bamboo liner that’s comfortable on the skin, along with breathable materials (including breathable insulation) to ensure you don’t end up sweating along the covered areas.

The mask is accompanied by a pair of Mack’s Original earplugs, which are stored on a small dedicated pocket right on the mask. That way, they’re always together, ensuring you can just as easily block out sound whenever you decide you want to black out the light. To the unfamiliar, Mack’s Original earplugs are made with soft foam and claims to reduce around 32 decibels of noise.

The Matador Blackout Sleep Mask + Earplugs is packable, too, similar to most of Matador’s products. Specifically, there’s an integrated pouch on the mask, where you can stash the entire thing in, complete with the earplugs in tow. When packed, it measures just 5.8 x 3 x 1.6 inches (height x width x thickness), allowing you to slip it inside most pockets on either your clothing or your luggage, so you can keep it within easy reach at all times.

When packed, the bundle has an exposed loop that you can use to clip it to a carabiner, in case you find that more convenient than squeezing it into a pocket, with the dedicated pocket also on the outside, so you can access the ear plugs without having to unpack the whole thing. The sleep mask is machine-washable, by the way, although it requires being cleaned on the delicate setting, so you have to clean it with more sensitive fabrics. Just make sure to remove the earplugs when you’re cleaning.

The Matador Blackout Sleep Mask + Earplugs is available now, priced at $25. Now, if they can only add a travel pillow to this thing, it will be complete.

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