Matador Freefly Packable Duffle Lets You Hide A 30-Liter Duffel In Your Jacket Pocket

We’re big fans of Matador’s packable backpacks, allowing you to collapse erstwhile large packs in a tiny bundle, so you can hide an entire empty bag in your pants or jacket pocket. This time around, they’re bringing the same ultra-packable design for people who prefer carrying their bags over the shoulder rather than across their backs in the form of the Matador Freefly Packable Duffle.

That’s right, Matador is making a packable duffel that you can stash inside your jacket pocket, so you can leave home without carrying anything, all while having a spacious bag that you can bust out in a jiffy when you need it. Window shopping at a local sale and want a bag just in case you decide to buy something (or two or three)? Yeah, this will work. Want to have a bag you can bring out to collect extraterrestrial debris when an alien ship crashes while you’re searching for Bigfoot in the woods? Yeah, this can hold a decent amount of whatever you find.

The Matador Freefly Packable Duffle is a 30-liter duffel, making it a great size to bring when playing sports, hitting the gym, or dropping off stacks of dirty cash to a local money launderer. More impressively, though, that 30-liter duffel can pack down to the size of 3.75 x 3.75 x 5.5 inches by stuffing into the front pocket and shrinking further using the included mesh compression sack, allowing it to fit comfortably in most jacket pockets and that large pocket on your favorite pair of cargo pants. When unpacked, the whole thing measures 22 x 11 x 8 inches (width x depth x height).

It’s made from UHMWPE-reinforced Robic nylon that, the outfit claims, will deliver extraordinary durability, all while being completely impervious to water with the use of UTS PU coating, internally sealed seams, and YKK PU-coated waterproof zippers. That’s right, this bag that packs down into a tiny bundle is completely waterproof, making it suitable for use in both the rugged backcountry and your sweaty gym sessions.

The Matador Freefly Packable Duffle has a long zipper that goes from end to end of the bag, allowing easy open access to the main compartment, making it just that much easier to pack larger equipment. Do note, the 22-inch length means it’s not likely to fit many longer types of sports and exercise equipment, such as tennis rackets, yoga mats, and baseball bats. Fortunately, there are a pair compression straps outside that can be unbuckled and adjusted for hauling those items on the exterior, all while allowing you to mount the bag to racks and even wear it like a backpack.

Designed to offer versatile carrying options, the bag has an adjustable wide shoulder strap, the aforementioned compression straps that double as backpack straps, rubberized carry handles, and even grab handles on the sides and ends. Other details include a weight of 8.5 ounces, a zippered front pocket, and weatherproof zippered rear pocket.

The Matador Freefly Packable Duffle is available now, priced at $84.99.

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