This 55×44-Inch Matador Pocket Blanket Can Fold Smaller Than Your Wallet

Most picnic blankets are, generally, compact enough, able to fold into a neat bundle that you can easily slip into a bag.  But why not make them fold even smaller?  That’s exactly what they did with the Matador Pocket Blanket, a functional picnic blanket you can slip into your front jeans pocket.

We’re not entirely sure how it’s able to fold so small.  I’ve used blankets that’s rated to sit four people before (two, if you’re laying down on the beach) and they will usually still pack pretty bulky.  This one, however, can pack smaller than your wallet — a pretty amazing feat.

The Matador Pocket Blanket isn’t just some flimsy blanket either.  Designed for outdoor use, it comes with a water-repellent back side so even damp grounds won’t ruin your picnic, with puncture-resistant construction that will keep you comfortable even while its laid over twigs and small rocks.  It’s also got weighted corners, as well as an attached storage pouch.  At 55 x 44 inches, we’re a little skeptical about holding four people comfortably along with their food (two or three is probably more feasible), but it’s still a functional solution whether you’re in the park, at the beach, or on the grounds of an outdoor music festival.

It requires a very specific way of folding to achieve the ultra-compact bundle.  Don’t worry, it comes with lines sewn onto the nylon fabric designed to help guide users in folding it correctly.

You can get the Matador Pocket Blanket directly from the company website. Price is $24.99.

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