Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes Have An Opening In The Rear For Easy Refills

Toothpaste comes in tubes. That’s the way it’s always been. We use large toothpaste tubes at home and small ones in the dopp kit we put inside the backpack. When they run out, we throw them away. That’s not the case with the Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes, since these travel-sized toothpaste containers are designed to be refilled every time they run out.

Designed to replace travel-sized disposable toothpaste, it’s a plastic tube that looks like any standard toothpaste tube, albeit with a refillable design so you can use it over and over.  Once it runs out, simply open it, refill it from your large tube of toothpaste at home, and close it back up, ready to take on the road once again.

The Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes look like any compact-sized travel toothpaste, with a screw cap on the nozzle and a folded up rear end. Unlike your typical travel toothpaste, though, the rear is not permanently folded. Instead, it’s merely secured by a sliding clip. Once the tube runs out of toothpaste, simply remove the clip, unfold the rear to fill it back up from your large tube of toothpaste at home, then fold and clip it back again. Oh yeah, there’s a fill line right on the body of the toothpaste, so you make sure you only fill until that point if you don’t want to have troubles folding the whole thing back shut.

Each set comes with two sizes of tubes: one sized for a week’s worth of toothpaste (22ml) and one sized to fit a two-week batch (35ml). The small tube measures 3.9 x 1.7 x 0.94 inches when unfolded and the large one measures 4.8 x 1.7 x 0.94 inches. According to the outfit, the tubes are cut from a multi-layer plastic build with a vapor barrier that’s designed to keep the contents from drying out. That means, you can fill up the tubes and keep them on the ready for later, with no worries of the teeth-cleaning stuff disappearing after you leave them untouched for a while.

The Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes are made from food-safe, BPA-free, and PVC-free materials, so there’s nothing here that can prove harmful to your health. It’s dishwasher-safe, too, so you can easily clean it out before refilling by simply throwing it in with the rest of the dishes at home. According to the outfit, the tubes are TSA-approved as well, so you should have no trouble throwing this in your check-in luggage during travel. And you don’t have to worry about the tube breaking apart when it gets squished in your luggage, as it’s rated to handle up to 200 pounds of squeeze force.

If you use keep toothpaste in your dopp kit at work or carry one in your luggage when you travel, these things allow you to spare yourself from having to purchase those small tubes regularly. Oh yeah, this was designed strictly for products with paste-like consistency, so the outfit advises against using it to hold any low-viscosity fluids, oils, or perfumes.

The Matador Refillable Toothpaste Tubes are available now, priced at $10.

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