Matador SEG42 Travel Pack Helps You Organize Your Gear With Segmented Sections

Matador made its name creating products that can pack into a pocket-size bundle, whether it be backpacks, blankets, or work mats. With the Matador SEG42 Travel Pack, though, the outfit sheds their signature packable design, in favor of better organization for your gear.

That’s right, Matador is making a backpack that’s not packable. It’s practically heresy, although that’s fine, since they have enough packable models that you’re don’t really have a shortage of options if you want one. Instead, this bag’s main selling point are segmented compartments, which make it easy to organize stuff without the use of packing cubes. Whether you’re carrying camera equipment to a shoot, outdoor supplies for a camping trip, or training gear for the gym, the multiple compartments allow you to tidy up your stash like never before.

The Matador SEG42 Travel Pack has five segmented sections on the front of the bag, each with its own zippered opening, so you can access just the section that you need. Each one is clearly labeled as Segment 1 to 5, too, so you can just tell your friend to grab the fishing supplies from Segment 5 or the TRX straps from Segment 3 without having them waste time sorting through the bag’s contents. Two of the sections, by the way, have six liter volume capacity, two have nine-liter capacity, and the center section has room for 12 liters of volume, allowing you to pack a total of 42 liters.

For those times you need to carry something big, there’s a large clamshell opening on the opposite side of those segmented zippers that lets you access a large 42-liter single compartment. That makes the bag especially useful, as you’re not stuck with using the segmented sections if you don’t need them. It’s actually a pretty great mix of compartments, making the bag just that much more versatile in terms of what it can carry. Do note, all those compartments share the same 42-liters of space, so you can’t fill up both the segments and the clamshell main compartment full of content at the same time.

Aside from the segments and main compartment, the Matador SEG42 Travel Pack also has a shoe compartment on one end, two small end pockets, and a padded laptop pocket, offering even more ways to organize your stuff. It can be carried both as a backpack or as a duffel using stowable straps integrated into the bag, as well as padded carry handles on the top, bottom, and sides, so you can carry the bag any way that’s most comfortable. And yes, using the backpack straps gives you access to a sternum strap, just in case you decide to max out that 42-liter volume and carry a massive amount of gear.

Construction is 840-denier nylon on high-wear panels, 420-denier nylon on low-ear panels, and 100-denier Dynatec weave for interior liners, all with waterproofing, so it should handle even inclement weather. Other features include Hypalon tie-down points, 210-denier bonded nylon thread, bartack-reinforced build, and PU-coated sealing zippers.

The Matador SEG42 Travel Pack is available now.

Matador SEG42 Travel Pack - SEG Series 
  • BACKPACK DIMENSIONS: The SEG42 measures 12.5 x 22.5 x 11.5 inches (31.75 x 57 x 29 cm) with a volume...
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