Matrix Fitness S-Force Is A Low-Impact Gym Machine For HIIT Workouts


Whether you’re shopping for a commercial gym or your personal workout space, there’s no shortage in exercise machines currently available in the market. Between treadmills and stationary bikes to resistance machines and everything in between, there’s something available for every workout need. If HIIT is your thing, you might want to look at the Matrix Fitness S-Force.

An exercise machine that claims to take HIIT workouts to the next level, the device allows you to simulate running motions without the adverse impact that usually accompanies traditional running. That means, all the benefits of running without putting pressure on the feet and knees, allowing you to train as hard as you want without incurring physical damage.


At first glance, the Matrix Fitness S-Force has a basic design similar to elliptical machines, albeit with a motion that’s more similar to running rather than climbing the stairs. While comparisons with the much-maligned elliptical doesn’t exactly do it any favors, it should give you an idea of how the machine is used. To start, you climb the machine and place your feet on the footpads, then you grab on to the bars and begin striding, moving your legs up and down in a running motion. It’s a simple, straightforward movement that, when combined with the magnetic resistance, allows users to build serious gains in speed and power.

The device supports the full range of your running stride (up to 36 inches), so you can make big strides or take small steps to vary the workout intensity. It has five levels of magnetic resistance that automatically increase the harder you work, so it recognizes when you’re stepping up and raises the challenge accordingly, creating a naturally progressive workout. You can, of course, also define the resistance via a button out front.


The Matrix Fitness S-Force comes with built-in training programs for Sprint 8 (a 20-minute HIIT cardio program), interval training, and goal-specific training programs, any of which you can choose from keys on the equipment’s console. That means, you don’t need to design your own training program when using this thing, since you can just follow the built-in workouts. And, yes, the console provides easy-to-read feedback, so you can see exactly how you’re doing throughout every workout.


The integrated bars, by the way, are shaped to facilitate a strong grip, which you can perform at different positions, while straps on the foot pads ensure you never slip off no matter how fast you’re moving. Oh yeah, there’s an ergonomically seat on there, which, we guess, are designed for those who can’t quite stand for long periods. For most folks, though, the seat should be useful for getting on and off the machine. Other features include backlighting for the console, integrated wheels for easily moving it around the room, and a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. It’s designed to work without a power outlet, by the way, as the console is powered by just three D-cell batteries.

The Matrix Fitness S-Force is priced at €6,999.

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