This 3,283-Piece MEGA Tesla Cybertruck Makes A Worthy Adversary For Your LEGO Technics Cars

While public opinion on the Cybertruck was split during its initial announcement, fact is, the darn thing has swiftly ingrained itself into our imaginations. There’s just something about its strange proportions, rough angles, and unapologetically brutalist design that makes it perfect pop culture fodder. As such, it wasn’t surprising to see it get not just a Hot Wheels RC model, but even a matching Cyberquad for loading in the truck bed. This time around, you can even build yourself a miniature of Elon Musk’s upcoming pickup with the Mattel Creations MEGA Tesla Cybertruck.

That’s right, the angular truck is also getting a construction toy model, allowing you to put together a detailed model of the truck with all its quirky charms well before the vehicle’s 2023 release. Whether you’re a fan of the Cybertruck, a diehard construction toy fan, or just someone who appreciates toy vehicles that look like they belong in the set of Mad Max, this thing will make a fine set to spend a weekend geeking out on.

The Mattel Creations MEGA Tesla Cybertruck is a 1:12 scale recreation of Musk’s all-electric, light-duty truck, reproducing plenty of details found in the original vehicle. It’s pretty big, coming in at 19.7 x 7.5 x 6.7 inches (length x width x height), so it should make for a fun toy to show off on a shelf once you’re done fiddling around with it. Unlike LEGO Technics cars, these don’t come with motors and batteries, so the best way you can enjoy them is to push them around the table and have them mow down other vehicles in traffic, then apologize by saying it’s the car’s autopilot going haywire. Or something.

It has an adjustable air suspension that will allow you to raise and lower the vehicle’s ride height, along with rolling wheels that can be posed for turns, so you can push it around doing donuts to your heart’s content. Like the real truck, the tonneau cover can be opened and closed to allow access to the trunk out front, as well as a folding tailgate with a pull-out ramp for pushing recreational vehicles and wheeled carts into the truck bed. All four doors can open and close, too, while all seats in the interior can fold down.

The Mattel Creations MEGA Tesla Cybertruck includes side windows with printed cracks to remind folks of that amusingly unsuccessful demonstration of the glass’ shatterproof qualities, along with a fully-replicated interior, miniature tools (in the trunk), and various accessories in the cabin (e.g. a tablet, a cup). In total, the model comes with 3,283 pieces, so this will make for a challenging build that can keep you engaged for many hours (as such, they’re recommending it for users aged 14 and older). Additionally, scanning the QR code that comes with the model with your smartphone will launch an augmented reality experience that will let you learn more about the truck for whatever joy that brings your way.

The Mattel Creations MEGA Tesla Cybertruck is available for preorder now with a December ship date, priced at $250.

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