Mattress Wallet Gives Your Cash A Cushy Bed

I’ve always wanted to sleep in a bed of money.  While I doubt that’s possible with my bank account’s less-than-stellar remaining balance, the Mattress Wallet sort of gets me started along the way.  Instead of filling my bed with money, though, it lets me wrap my cash with a bed, instead.  What?

Veering away from the usual leather material used to hold your bills and cards, the odd-looking wallet is clad in an authentic mattress design.  From the material to the color to the hanging labels, the Mattress Wallet looks more like a miniaturized bed than anything you’re supposed to slip inside your back pocket.

Intended to give your cash the “support and comfort” it deserves, the unusual wallet comes with 5mm of cushion and a soft satin interior that should keep everything you slot inside feeling just a little bit snug.  It measures 9 x 4 inches, making it a proper-sized single bed for your Barbie dollhouse (or GI Joe headquarters, if you’re a boy), in case you’re not using it.  It comes with two interior bills pockets, four credit card slots and a “Do Not Remove Under Penalty Of Law” tag, just for the heck of it.

With padding that thick, though, you’re probably best off rocking two of these wallets a time.  How comfortable can it be with a soft 5mm cushion on one of your ass cheeks, while the other is left bare?

Give your cash the comfort it deserves and maybe it will stay with you just a little longer.  The Mattress Wallet is available for $24.

[Fred Flare ]