Maxim’s 2-In-1 Jug And Scales Measures Liquids, Weighs Solids

Conscientious eaters and by-the-book kitchen wizards depend plenty on their kitchen scales and measuring cups.  I don’t. I eat like a pig and I cook everything with one instruction in mind: plenty of garlic and plenty of peppers.  Yet, I can’t resist the allure of this Maxim 2-In-1 Jug and Scales, which combines both functions in one multi-function contraption.

A kitchen scale doesn’t interest me.  Nor does a measuring cup.  But a single thing that looks like a mug that can do both?  Let me have one.   Personally, I think they should have gone the extra mile and inserted a kitchen timer in there, too, just so I’ll be so excited I want to explode.

The Maxim 2-in-1 Jug and Scales measures 14.4 x 21.6 x 13.9 cm, with a maximum capacity for 1 liter of volume and 3 kgs of weight. To use as a measuring cup, just fill up the container with the liquid and read the labels on the side.  For the weight, just dump what you’re weighing on the same container, then check the LCD on the handle (display can show both metric and English systems).

Even though it looks like a mug, the product page warns not to use it as one.  The material isn’t made for steaming coffee and has a temperature threshold of 70°C.  It’s not dishwasher-safe either, since water can easily seep into the electronics on the handle, so keep that in mind during cleaning.

Firebox has the Maxim 2-in-1 Jug and Scales, priced at  £21.49.