McFarlane Toys DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet Brings Wonder Woman’s Invisible Plane To Your Toy Collection

Wonder Woman may be wiser than Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Hermes, but the one thing she can’t do is fly like Superman. As such, she goes the Batman route when taking it to the skies, relying on jet-powered flying machines just like the rest of us.  Except… you know… she flies around on an Invisible Jet that allows her to fly across continents virtually undetected. And now, you can give yourself access to this unique Amazon tech in the form of the McFarlane Toys DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet.

That’s right, they made a toy of Diana Prince’s invisible aircraft, so you can fly your action figures across any area without attracting unwanted attention, allowing you to sneak into hostile territory on the sly. Of course, the toy version of the undetectable aircraft isn’t actually invisible, instead coming in a clear plastic build that’s about as close to invisible as you can actually make it.

The McFarlane Toys DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet brings the Amazonian aircraft to life using a translucent plastic material, so it depicts the actual shape and proportions of the vehicle, all while creating a see-through invisible effect. It’s a detailed recreation, too, with the toy reproducing various internal mechanisms in the same translucent build, making it feel just that much more realistic. The cockpit door of the plane pops open, by the way, allowing you to plop down an actual pilot inside.

Since this is in McFarlane’s new DC Super Powers line, the vehicle is meant to be driven by the four-inch Wonder Woman action figure available in the collection, which is sized to fit snugly in the cockpit. Of course, you can have other four-inch action figures commandeer it, too, allowing you to have your favorite characters fly around on an invisible plane.

The McFarlane Toys DC Super Powers The Invisible Jet is now available for preorder, with a June ship date.

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