Bacon Band Aids BLT: Bandages, Lettuce And Tomato

You know what happens when you wear band-aid and leave it on for weeks?  It turns into a bacon strip.  No, really.   You might even try eating it (at your own risk).  Or, you can just skip the long wait and wear these Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages.

Yep, they’re bandages that look like bacon and taste like band-aids.  That way, you can  slap a strip of bacon on your face without attracting extra attention from the neighborhood dogs (or, even scarier, the hungry fat kid who lost his lunch).

The Bacon Strip Adhesives are sized like regular band-aids, measuring 3 inches long and an inch wide.  Just like the regular first aid kit staples, they’re sterile and latex-free, ready to cover up your cuts, scratches and superficial wounds.  Of course, the fact that they look like fried strips of bacon fresh off the breakfast plate makes them a zillion times more awesome than what you normally put on your neck after you accidentally slice it with a shaving razor.

The meat-like die-cut bandages come in sets of 15, crammed into a tin can you can keep in the medicine cabinet for easy access.  Make sure to buy medicine for indigestion, by the way, just in case some drunk in the house makes the mistake of using it to fix themselves some BLT (that’s Band-Aid, Lettuce and Tomato, by the way).

According to Thinkgeek, the Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages comes with a surprise free prize in every can.  It’s available now, priced  at $4.99.