Meat Tenderizer Ring, The Steak-Pounding Bling-Bling

Want to punch a wall, but you’re only renting the apartment?  Bring it to the kitchen with the Meat Tenderizer Ring and take out all your fistic anger on the hapless slice of cow destined to become this evening’s dinner.

A regular handheld meat tenderizer might do the job.  However, how many times do you actually get to punch stuff without getting in trouble?  Unless you make a living fighting, almost never.  With this ring around your finger, you can let all that bottled-up anger loose, pounding tough cuts of steak till its ready for the frying pan.

Created by designer Ken Goldman, the head looks like it was sawed off from an actual meat mallet and welded to a thick ring.  The Meat Tenderizer Ring isn’t going to qualify as a hot bling-bling, but that could change if you dip it in gold and gave it a spit shine.  At any rate, you can probably put one together on your own with a modicum of tools.

Armed with small dull spikes on the head, it can prepare slabs of flesh for cooking just as capably as any handy meat pounder.  It’s designed to go around the middle finger for best effect and can double as an extra accessory when you need to punch some punk ass in the face.

Whoever said cooking isn’t for tough guys?  Ground and pound that chicken fried steak into a thin slab and let’s see who’s truly the king of the kitchen.  The Meat Tenderizer Ring appears to be a one-off design, so it isn’t for sale.  Awesome idea, though.

[WFDJ via GearFuse]