Meatball Grill Basket Cooks One Dozen Perfect Meatballs At A Time

Grilling meatballs ain’t easy.  If you’ve ever struggled with the challenge of cooking mashed-up ground mixtures curled into a ball over fire, you will probably appreciate the convenience offered by this Meatball Grill Basket.

Like the name says, it’s an easy-to-handle basket for cooking meatballs.  No more skewering the damn things or carefully sliding them onto the grill.  Just put the raw meatballs into the individual compartments, place the tool over a grill and let it cook.

The Meatball Grill Basket measures 9.75 x 7.5 inches, with 12 separate round wells to cook a dozen perfect smoky-flavored meatballs at a time.  It opens clamshell style, with a long 13-inch removable handle so you can keep your hands away from the fire at all times.  Perforations on the top and bottom of the wells allow the meatballs to brown while getting rid of excess fat — just make sure to turn it over to cook evenly on both sides.

According to reviews, cleanup is surprisingly easy, especially if you use a non-stick cooking spray before dumping the meatballs in.  Do note that it’s intended for use as an outdoor grilling equipment, so experimenting with using this in your kitchen oven is entirely on your account.

If you’re sick of frying your meatballs because grilling ground meat is such a hassle, you need the Meatball Grill Basket.  It’s available now for $49.95.

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