Mechanical Wedding Band Hides Diamond For Delightful Surprise


Wedding bands and engagement rings are pretty straightforward affairs, with the most exquisite pieces frequently the ones with plenty of details and precious stones.  When jewelry maker John Welden was faced with making one for his fiance, he decided to go the other way around, crafting something more creative than the typical memento, yet avoiding the tackiness that frequently happens with rings that try to be different.

Since his would-be wife wanted a simple band without any stones, Welden decided to fashion an original piece that looked the part but hid a stone underneath its surface. The result is a mechanical wedding band that opened to reveal a secret stash of diamond inside.

In plain sight, it looks like an ordinary steel band made from titanium and stainless steel, with a few slight accents that break the singular form.  With a light outward pull from both sides of the ring, however, the two ends slide off just a little to show a diamond inside a hollow slot.  If I was a girl, I'd probably be flush with glee.  Since I'm not, I'll just say, "Great job, John!"

While it's obviously a clever idea for providing a surprise, outfitting a ring with a hidden slot brings the added benefit of securing the stone, a valuable idea when it's a very expensive piece that can attract the wrong kind of attention.  Want to flaunt it?   Just slide the covers open and show it off to the world.

If any of you have been looking for a way to smuggle pre-cut precious stones, I think we just found it.

[John Welden via NotCot]