Meddsy Is A Well-Appointed First-Aid Kit With Basic Survival Items


Yes, it’s cool having “emergency kits” with fishing, hunting, and survival supplies on the ready. If you want to be practical, though, a first aid kit is really what you’ll want to have in emergency situations. If you want a truly complete set for maximum preparedness, the Meddsy Emergy Kit Expert offers one of the best collections of curated first-aid items we’ve seen.

Consisting of 70 different items, it bundles of a well-curated set of tools and supplies to help you handle a variety of first-aid and emergency situations. Seriously, it won’t just let you patch up wounds, alleviate allergies, and stabilize injuries – it even has tools to jumpstart the car, charge a dying phone, and handle other everyday emergencies.


The Meddsy Emergency Kit Expert starts with a stylish-looking box containing a detachable core that holds a battery, a LED torch, and USB charging ports. Once opened, the box reveals a multi-layer design, with labeled and organized pill box on top, medical and rescue tools in the middle, and cables for jumpstarting a car and charging mobile devices at the bottom. As for the actual first-aid stuff, you get basic medicines, cream and ointment packs, antiseptics, an assortment of bandages and dressings, a sewing kit, syringes, a cold compress, splints, an emergency blanket, tape rolls, a dental kit, a CPR mask, a tourniquet, and basic medical tools (scissors, tweezers, thermometers, and so on).


For survival scenarios, there’s a water filter straw, pathogen-killing items, safety eyewear, emergency water bags, hand and toe warmers, and a roll of duct tape. It also comes with a basic rescue kit that contains a whistle, compass, fire starter, a visual communication tool, a wire saw, and a pocket multi-tool.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Meddsy Emergency Kit. You can reserve an Expert unit for pledges starting at $269.

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