Meet Amazon Eve, The World’s Tallest Bikini Model

She may not be as tall as Yao Ming, but she’s sure a heck of a lot more palatable to the eyes than the basketball superstar.  Amazon Eve is exactly how we always imagined giant forest women who captured us for breeding will be – absolutely huge and smoking hot.

Whoever said good things come in small packages better rethink that idea.  Shot here for the cover of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly, she towers over pretty much everyone with her 6’8” frame, yet is perfectly proportional with all the right curves in the right places.  With her size, there’s just more of everything, which is a pretty wonderful thing.

Wearing a custom-made bikini (seriously, who would stock inventory for a near-7-ft tall babe), she’s the most vertically-gifted hottie to ever grace a lad mag’s cover.  The 32-year old also claims to be the tallest glamour model in the world – a fact that will probably be hard to dispute.

According to Zoo Weekly, they had to commission extra-large bikinis for “Babezilla,” apart from using multiple bottles of baby oil to lather her up and bringing in a step-ladder for the make-up artist.  The latter two claims might be jokes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t.

Amazon Eve, despite the name, isn’t a barbaric jungle woman.  She actually lives in LA, where her good looks and unusually long frame probably makes her hard not to notice.  And, yes, I believe she’s actually a girl, despite Perez Hilton’s lame comment about her gender.

[Zoo Weekly via Coco Perez]