Mega Hurtz Is A Paintball-Shooting, Area-Surveying RC Battle Tank

Paintball is fun.  Running around an abandoned lot and hunting opponents, however, can be exhausting.  So why not let the robots do it with Mega Hurtz, a remotely-operated battle tank that will do the scouring and shooting on your behalf?

Dreamed up by Chris Rogers, there’s nothing complicated about what the paint-splattering robot does.  It surveys the playing area for you and shoots enemy combatants on command, all while you give it directions from the comfiest hidden corner you can find.

The Mega Hurtz is built over a fully upgraded E-Maxx RC Truck, with a 4-wheel drive, a welded steel chassis and armor plating.   It comes with video cameras on board, allowing you to track what it comes across from the LCD display on the remote console.  A pan/tilt mil-sim paintball gun is loaded on top of the resulting 280-lb battle tank, mounted over a rotating turret.   You get full control of the robot’s movement, as well as the gun’s aim and trigger, letting you “kill” enemies without having to put yourself in the line of fire.

Currently on Kickstarter, the robot’s design is still somewhat unfinished.  According to the creator, pledges will go towards setting up a new workshop, improving the robot’s mobility (he wants it to climb stairs) and, later on, producing actual pieces.

It may not be as ready for primetime as other projects on Kickstarter, but the Mega Hurtz sure is an interesting one.  Replace that paintball gun with a flamethrower (or a real rifle) and you’ve got one scary robot that can do some serious damage.  You can check out the product page from the link below.

[Kickstarter via OhGizmo]