Mellow Drive Can Turn Any Deck Into A Motorized Skateboard


There are plenty of excellent motorized skateboards out there, letting you zip through the traffic on both streets and sidewalks without breaking a sweat. Problem is, your choice of decks is limited to whatever the brand is offering in their lineup. If you’d rather equip a favorite deck with a motorized drivetrain, though, Mellow Drive offers a retrofit solution.

A drive system for skateboards, it comes with its own motor, 180mm truck, and wheels, allowing it to be mounted on any standard deck. Just hook it up to any existing deck the same way you’d attach a standard six-hole truck and you’re set, ready to hit the streets on a newly-assembled motorized board.


The Mellow Drive is powered by individual German-made motors in each of the two wheels, allowing it to hit satisfying top speeds of 25 mph all on its own. Both those motors are housed in water- and dust-proof enclosures, by the way, so you can use this without having to worry about damaging it from the elements. It comes with a swappable battery pack (rated at 1,000 full charge cycles) that slides right out of the truck frame, making it possible to extend the 10-mile range by simply bringing a few extra charged batteries along, as well as a single slide button remote that makes operation easy and intuitive. Features include a solid aluminum frame, easily-replaceable 79mm wheels, four riding modes, and even a regenerative braking system. You can use it to replace just one truck or both for even more satisfying power.


The bad news? The Mellow Drive isn’t shipping until September of next year. You can preorder now, though, for a discounted price of €1,099.

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