Mellow Is The Sous Vide Cooker For Your Busy Lifestyle

Mellow is a countertop sous vide appliance that comes with an integrated cooling unit. That’s right, it doubles as a fridge. Why? So it can keep your food refrigerated until the time you want to begin cooking it in a steaming water bath, making sous vide just a little more convenient to those who spend the better part of the day out of the house.

No more coming home famished, cooking your chicken for two hours, and browning it with a blowtorch for another 10 minutes before you can finally start eating to enjoy sous vide. Instead, you can simply prepare your food before you leave the house in the morning, leave it in the appliance right before you leave, and switch on the integrated cooling unit so your food doesn’t spoil. A couple of hours before leaving work, start the steaming water bath, so you can come home later with the chicken ready to be retrieved, seared, and gobbled up.

A WiFi-connected kitchen machine, Mellow will hook up to your home network so you can control it from a mobile app, letting you do the cooking even while away from home. You can control everything from cook time to precise temperatures to refrigeration from the app’s UI, making for, arguably, the most convenient sous vide cooker ever made. Oh yeah, it also doesn’t require vacuum sealing either — just drop the ingredients in a regular zip bag and it will cook fine.

The integrated tank has a 4.5-liter capacity, which rounds out to, approximately, six adult-sized portions for most dishes. It’s fully transparent, too, so you can kill the time watching the food cook if there’s nothing good on the TV.

Mellow is currently collecting preorders directly from their website, where you can reserve a unit for $400.

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