MemoriesCable Is An iPhone Charging Cable With A Built-in External Storage


Chances are, you carry a charging cable around everywhere you go – it’s the best way to ensure you can replenish your phone’s battery any time you see an opportunity. The MemoriesCable, though, does regular charging cables one better by integrating a flash drive, providing extra storage you can use on-the-go without another extra device to keep in your pocket.

Created by PhotoFast, it’s a charging cable/external storage for iPhones and iPads, combining both a Lightning charger and a flash drive (choice of either 64GB or 128GB). That way, you can charge your phone and enjoy all sorts of content that won’t otherwise fit in your mobile device using just a single tool.


Measuring just 5.5 inches long, MemoriesCable is short enough that it won’t make a bundled mess in your pocket, with an integrated clip ensuring the cable is folded up neat and tidy, too. As an external storage, it works much like any similar device, requiring a dedicated app for accessing all the data on the drive (everything from managing the files to playing videos), rather than just any app from iTunes. Features include Airplay support, lots of automated backup options (you can backup not just the Photo Roll, but contacts, calendar, and even social media accounts), cloud storage integration (Dropbox and Google Drive), password protection, and three access security options (Touch ID lock via the app, Lightning Lock and USB lock). Like many accessories for Apple gadgets, it’s quite good-looking, too, with an aluminum alloy surface topped off with a diamond-cut finish.


Slated for availability soon, pricing for the PhotoFast MemoriesCable starts at $159.99.

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